Radiological Studies

Your chiropractor may need to take X-rays if there is any question of abnormality in your spine or joints. A review of your X-rays will guide your chiropractor in determining an effective treatment plan.Radiological Studies Chiropractic treatment relies on manipulations of the spine and neck to realign the spinal column. It is used to treat ailments like neck and back pain.

​Before your Chiropractor takes X-Rays:

  • Give your chiropractor a heads up if you are or may be pregnant. Radiological Studies This may change the frequency and location of X-rays to be taken throughout your treatment to protect the health of the unborn baby.
  • Let your chiropractor know if you’ve already had X-rays taken for your pain or injury. Take copies of these X-rays to your chiropractor for review. You may be able to avoid repeating X-rays unnecessarily.

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