If I don’t feel injured after an automobile accident, do I have to go to see  a doctor?

Both you and the passengers should consider seeing a specialist after an accident. The doctor might recognize injuries, often serious, that are not overt to you.

I went to the emergency room after the accident they told me I was ok.  Must I still  receive my injuries assessed Orlando Car Accident Injury Center?

In most situations when a person goes to the emergency room after a car accident they receive a brief exam by the doctor, have X-rays taken, a prescription for one or more medicines is typically provided. They are told to go home they should be O.K..  Countless times they are still in pain, injured and do not even understand it. Most persons are never shown their X-Rays or have had them explained. They have actually never viewed them contrasted side by side to that of an ordinary, non-injured person. There is additionally a great chance that their specialist did not inform them about the lasting degenerative modifications, such as arthritis that can easily occur if a trauma does not obtain the appropriate rehabilitative care.

Exactly how quickly after a Car Accident or Trauma should I Access and document My Injuries?

As quickly as feasible, when you are injured, in an auto collision, insurance company instantly engage in investigation. The longer you wait to access and document your traumas, will give insurance company more time to deny you the proper medical care you are entitled to.

What if I require transportation to your office to see the doctor?

Transport is available. Simply call our office and one of our patient  coordinators  will definitely organize travelling to as well as from our office.  You ‘ll never have to miss out on a visit because you do not have car.

Can I go to any Doctor I desire or does my insurance company is going to choose one for I ?

In car accident situations, the P.I.P. insurance company has no right to pick the treating health care provider or physician. You can go to any physician you choose. In other kinds of traumas, you could have to select a specialist who is on your list of preferred providers or primary care doctors depending on the type of health insurance you have. Our office can review this with you and aid you make a sound resolution.

Do you recognize my insurance?

We accept all instate as well as out of state car insurances.

Does Orlando Car accident Injury Center process my documents? 

We do all the documentation as well as billing for you, so you can easily concentrate on the treatments and recovery.

What if I don’t have any money to pay for my care?

If you were injured in car accident you might be entitled to full care at no cost to you. Our patient coordinators are well trained to ascertain the degree of benefits as well as payment selections available to you. They are going to thoroughly clarify your choices so that YOU may make an educated decision concerning YOUR healthcare.

What must I do when an insurance company asks about my injuries?

Quickly contact our office at 407-277-5555 to instruct you as well as guard your  medical rights. Often the insurance company backing the one that caused the trauma will speak to you to take a statement which they will then make use of against you later on. The insurance provider investigator will look to gather information from you to eliminate you from obtaining the treatment you are entitled to.

How soon after the accident should I take into account obtaining a lawyer? 

Rapidly. To be risk-free, you must chat to an attorney as quickly as possible, particularly if the injuries are extreme or a death has actually resulted.  Often important evidence fades away, witnesses move away, memories increase dim and the sensible capability to prove the injuries and your case might decline. When you are being treated by us, an attorney can also offer you by having assistance concerning unpaid bills and obtaining wanted treatment. Legal advice can even be helpful if you have questions regarding the settlement value of a claim, your insurance policy’s terms, or suspect unsatisfactory faith on the part of your insurance company.  Contact Orlando Car Accident injury Center at 407-277-5555.

Will the other person’s insurance provider pay my medical expenses?

It is extremely unlikely they are going to as the case or claim is on-going.  Nonetheless, “out of pocket” medical statements could be factored into the value of your situation, an ultimate review and ultimately settlement of your case.

Will the other individual’s insurance business pay my lost wages?

Again, possibly not as the situation is going on, however “out of pocket” wage loss and lost making ability must also be factored into a final value analysis and settlement of your situation.

Will the other person’s insurance company pay me an “advance” for my injuries as well as then reach an ultimate negotiation later on?

No, they will not typically do this. If the “at-fault” insurance business pays at all, it is going to normally be a lump amount at the end of the case as well as it is ultimate.

What if it turns out my injuries are more severe than I expected many years from now? Usually personal injury settlements are final at which time you will be required to sign a full general “Release” of all claims. The same is true of a jury awarding you money.  There is however a number of exceptions to this and you should consult with an experienced accident law firm for your particular situation.


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