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Car Injury Claim Documents

Allow me to share with you the medical documents important to diagnosis, treat and settle your car injury claim!

The information I am about to share is from our experience as doctors and should not be considered legal advice.

In our experience the single most important information needed to settle your car injury are the doctor’s notes and documentation of your injury.

So I’ll share with you which of the doctor’s notes we have found to be the most important and how our doctors document, treat and support your car injury.

1. The first document needed to settle your car injury is the car accident report and the history of the injury.

The car accident report verifies there was an accident and gives important information such as the size, speed and angle of impact of the vehicles involved.

Our doctors use the car accident report and the history of the accident to help determine what anatomy was likely injured

How the injury occurred is probably the single most important factor in determining the diagnosis and your car injury.

2. The second document needed to settle your car injury are your symptoms and physical examination findings.

Our doctors correlate symptoms with specific areas of the body which have been injured.

The physical examination findings is where we will find injuries which affect range of motion, nerve function, muscle and joint injuries.

Our doctor’s perform physical examination tests which tell us which anatomy is injured and to what degree.

The insurance companies will request this information from our doctors and use it in determining treatment payment and a possible settlement.

3. The third document needed to settle your car injury is the results of your diagnostic tests.

The most common diagnostic tests related to car accident injuries are X-rays, MRIs, and electro diagnostic nerve tests.

Our doctors order these test as necessary to look inside the body for injuries which are not obvious to the human eye.

The objectivity of these tests helps determine your diagnosis and is very helpful in supporting your car injury.

4. The fourth document needed to settle your car injury is your car injury treatment documentation.

Car injury treatment should be based on the three phases of healing.

Each phase of healing requires a specific form of therapy to help you heal faster and prevent the likelihood of a permanent injury.

Our doctors perform periodic re-examinations to decide which of your therapies are effective and which therapies need to be changed.

The insurance company’s settlement is often based on your response to treatment and vital for your car injury settlement.

This is another reason our doctors document all prescribed therapies and your response to treatment.

5. The fifth document needed to settle your car injury is the determination if your car injury is permanent.

The insurance company will want to know if you have suffered a permanent injury as a result of your car injury.

Our doctors have been trained in how to determine if the injury has healed 100 percent normal or if there will remain a permanent injury.

The determination a permanent injury is based on the 3 phases of healing and your response to treatment.

Some car injuries heal wrong and never get back to 100 percent normal.

Our doctors know how to determine when your injury is at maximum medical improvement and document it for your car injury claim.

6. The sixth document needed to settle your car injury is an impairment rating for the insurance company.

An impairment rating is a number placed on an injury which has been determined will no longer heal 100 percent normal.

Insurance companies often rely on impairment ratings from our qualified doctors to determine the amount of compensation for a car injury.

Our doctors are trained on how to give impairment ratings related to your car injury for the insurance companies.

7. The seventh document needed to settle your car injury is the determination for the need of any future care.

One of the main factors in determining a car injury settlement is the need for future care.

The insurance companies will want to know if as a result of your car injury you will need some form of treatment the rest of your life.

Our doctors use a specific formula to establish your need for future care.

You will want to get a document showing the need for future car from one of our doctors to submit to the insurance company.

In our experience those are the 7 most important medical documents when settling your car injury claim.

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