Dr. Nahali  offers professional medical and chiropractic services with regard to accidental traumas such as those involved in automobile and motorbike accidents in Orlando. Our integrated approach produces appropriate injury evaluation, diagnosis and therapy. Orlando Chiropractor, Dr. Nahali implements x-ray, MRI, CT scan and ultrasound to assist in the diagnosis of injuries. Following assessment and diagnosis, an individually prepared treatment plan is created. 

Orlando Car Accident Injury Center applies an integrated approach to  merging the conservative corrective approaches standard amongst the field of chiropractic with the treatments and techniques utilized by associates of the medical profession and will help you with your legal matter if you need legal referrals . Taking advantage of both chiropractic and medical techniques, Orlando Car Accident Injury Center is able to treat injuries to the neck, back, head, shoulders, knees and extremities and are able to provide a broad wide range of therapy solutions to its patients.

Car Accident? We Can Help

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